The Perinatal Treatment Services Mission Statement:

Helping women stay clean and sober, improving the quality of life for themselves and their children.

Perinatal Treatment Services is a long-term residential chemical dependency treatment program for pregnant women and mothers of children under age six. We focus on keeping mothers with their children. A comprehensive treatment program, therapeutic childcare, and parenting guidance are available for mothers to focus on their recovery and parenting skills.

Program Philosophy

Perinatal Treatment Services is committed to offering chemically dependent women comprehensive services services from qualified staff. Our focus is on total abstinence from drug and/or alcohol use. In addition to chemical dependency, issues surrounding codependency, family issues, and trauma will be addressed. Education in the areas of self-esteem, parenting, coping, and living skills will be part of the treatment program.

Perinatal Treatment Services offers residential services to pregnant and parenting women and their children. If space is available, non-parenting women may be enrolled.

Perinatal Treatment Services believes that treating the child is equally as important as treating their mother. We implement a family support model that emphasizes:

  • Equal attention will be given to children’s treatment as well as the mother’s treatment.
  • The child and mother receive treatment as a unit.
  • Individual differences are valued and encouraged.
  • Treatment will take place in a safe, consistent, and supportive environment.

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